Q: I am an elite goaltender who regularly goes to the gym with my own strength program. This seems extremely basic. Why is this be for me?
The mobility and speed work outlined in this book can be added to your regular strength program. The strength element of Ironman Goaltending can be used on weeks you cannot get to the gym or on active rest weeks.

Q: I’m a collegiate (or professional goaltender). How can this program help?
Much like the elite level goaltender, the mobility, core and speed work in this program can be used as supplements to your existing program. More importantly, you can do this in your hotel room when you’re on vacation and don’t want to miss a week of training.

Q: My child is in elementary (or middle) school. I don’t want them to get hurt lifting weights.
There are no weights necessary. Everything in this book is designed for body weight or minimal resistance. Your child carries around his body weight every day; doing body weight exercises is the safest way to make your child stronger.

Q: What should I do on the other four days that I’m not doing this program?
A: Everything in this book can be broken up into smaller pieces. You can do the mobility work every day. You can do extra core exercises whenever you want. You can play other sports. There are no limits to what you can do.

Q: I have had many injuries that make it hard for me to lift weights what should I do?
A: This workout is for you! The mobility and core exercises will help alleviate some of the injury stresses that you may experience. The strength element of Ironman Goaltending is body weight; a low-impact way to get stronger and faster.

Q: I paid and did not receive a hard copy book?
Ironman Goaltending is in ebook form only currently.

Q: My download expired and I wanted to download a copy onto my other device?
You can either email it to yourself from your previous device. Or email us at ironmangoaltending@gmai.com with your order # and we will send you another file.