Ironman Goaltending‘s workout programs create better athletes in net. You cannot play the position without flexibility, strength, and speed. Matt and Kevin’s development programs give young goaltenders the tools to succeed.”
— Brian Foster, Former NHL goaltender & All-American at the University of New Hampshire (Division 1)



“For young goalies the focus should be on development, both on and off the ice. Ironman Goaltending is the only workout book that I trust for young goalies who have the passion to get better on their own.”
–Mike Buckley, Goalie Development Coach, Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) & Former Professional Goaltender


 “Without a doubt the best off-ice training book for young goaltenders. Ironman Goaltending’s detailed workout plan will have your goalie in top condition for their season and beyond.” — Paul Dainton, former AHL & University of Massachusetts Goaltender (Division 1)

“Everyone nowadays is getting private goalie training. Just doing that alone is not going to get you to the top. You have to have the will to want it more than anyone. Ironman Goaltending gives your goalies the tools to take control of their improvement at home. No other program I’ve seen does this.”
George Bosak, Goaltending Coach, Arizona State University (Division 1) & former Professional Goaltender

 “This is the only workout plan I give to young women. Not only is it safe but the exercises provided sets a solid foundation to create a better athlete in net.”
—  Christie Cicero, Assistant Coach,  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Division 1)


“Going into the inaugural season of women’s professional hockey, I knew I had to be prepared. Kevin and Matt provided me with a challenging and detailed workout plan that has prepared me for the next step in my career.”
—  Shenae Lundberg, Connecticut Whale (NWHL) & Union College’s (Division 1) All Time Saves Leader


“I live in New Hampshire year round and have been able to work personally with Matt and Kevin. Ironman Goaltending’s off-ice development plans are exactly what I needed to get ready for professional hockey. Their programs address specifically the needs of goaltenders so that I could take my off-ice training to another level.” — Casey DeSmith, AHL Goaltender

“No matter where in the world you are playing hockey, Ironman Goaltending will take your game to the next level!”
 Marty Ausserhoffer, former Italian World Junior Championship & Hobart College (Division 3) Goaltender



“The best book for all your goalie training needs. As a former Division 1 Goaltender and Collegiate Strength Coach I wouldn’t recommend any other off-ice training book for young goaltenders. The mobility exercises alone make it worth the buy!” –Steve Thompson, Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Former University of Alaska-Anchorage (Division 1) Goaltending and Strength Coach, Former University of Alaska-Fairbanks (D-1) Goaltender


“The challenge I have as a college coach is getting young men to be disciplined on the little details of the game. Ironman Goaltending’s exercises has allowed me to provide my goalies with pre- and post-game mobility exercises to keep them healthy and on the ice.” —Mike Lysyj, Assistant Coach, Fredonia State University (Division 3)

 “Being a former goaltender I know that the strength of any program is from the net out. Without goaltenders who are disciplined on and off the ice you cannot win games. Ironman Goaltending‘s workouts help set a good off-ice foundation so that my goaltenders can step on the ice in top shape.” — Derek Cunha, Head Coach Williston Northampton School (NEPSAC) & former Holy Cross (Division 1) Goaltender


“The best thing about Ironman Goaltending is you can do it anywhere. When I was playing, there were many times when we were on the road or I’d be on summer vacation with my family and I didn’t want to fall behind. Kevin and Matt’s workout plan was exactly what I needed to not miss a beat and do goalie specific exercises to help my game.”
Jeff Teglia, former USHL Goalie of the Year & University of Massachusetts (Division 1) Goaltender

“Kevin and Matt have put together a book that has been a long time coming. There is nothing like this out on the market! All young goaltenders should use Ironman Goaltending to supplement their on-ice training.”
–Brendan Sullivan, USHL Scout & former Lake Forest College (Division 3) All-Conference Goaltender


“The number one question I get from parents is, ‘What can my goalie do away from the rink?’ For years, I didn’t have a specific answer. I would just throw together off-ice exercises that were generic. Now without question I direct my goalies to Ironman Goaltending. It’s the only goalie-specific workout plan that I trust to help my goalies step on the ice prepared.”
Dan Gould, New Jersey Colonials Organization Goaltending Coach & former Professional Goaltender

 “Finally, a book that will entice young goalies to work on goalie-specific drills away from the rink. Why? Because the workouts in Ironman Goaltending are simple and fun.  Young goalies will love performing drills such as the “Butterfly to Skater Hop” or “Partner Ball Drop” just to name a few. Ironman Goaltending will give young girls and boys confidence in their abilities that will carry over to the ice.” –Melissa Pacific, Head Coach at Phillips Exeter Academy (NEPSAC), Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) & former Ohio State (Division 1) & Under-22 National Team Goaltender